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Updated on Sunday, June 07, 2009
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Tips & Tricks -- Microsoft Windows* 2000 is coming February 17...are you ready?
I'm sure you've heard the news about the Microsoft's newest operating system: Windows* 2000.  According to the latest news, it's set to launch on February 17.  But will you be rushing the store shelves are at the chime of midnight?  The answer, sadly, for most users will probably be "no".  For those that do want to venture into the new waters, hang on to your hats, the minimum required computing power is no meager offering.  Yes, you must make a sacrifice to the (hardware) Gods, before you can reap the rewards of Windows 2000 and all it has to offer. Basic minimum system requirements for the Windows® 2000 Professional operating system include:
Microsoft Windows 2000 Home
  • 133-MHz or higher Pentium processor or compatible
  • 2-Gb hard disk with at least 650 MB free
  • 64 MB of RAM recommended (minimum of 32 MB of RAM required)

Mind you, this is not Windows 95 or 98.  This appetite for computing power comes from the operating system that Windows 2000 is based on: Windows NT*.  Despite these few shortcomings, this operating system has much to offer in the way of improved network performance, higher reliability, security enhancements and internet interactivity. All in all, we foresee many great things in it's future.

Because of it's complexity, we recommended that a professional perform your installation, one with experience in upgrading and installing Windows 2000 Professional. Not to toot our own horn, but Computers "4" Less is a Microsoft authorized System Builder and our Technicians are certified Microsoft Preinstallation Specialista for the Windows* operating system. Stop by the store today and find out how Microsoft Windows 2000 can improve your work productivity.

Still not satisfied with what Windows* 2000 has to offer, check out Microsoft's official Windows 2000 website.

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